3 Easy Fitness Tips To Get Into Shape

3 Easy Fitness Tips To Get Into Shape


We always talk about getting into shape, this phrasing implies we've not done it before. What if we used to be in shape and have let things slip. What about if we're getting back into shape at age 30? We want to get into shape fast right? Whether you're looking to get back into shape as a beginner, at home, or getting back into shape after a long time off, we can help.

At Fitness to Diet, we've given lots of advice on how to attain a great physique, but for a lot of us, it's finding the motivation, the new workout routine, the reason to get up off the couch and make some progress quickly. We give ourselves a month, or 3 months to see some abs, or lose that extra bit of fat around the belly. This is all possible if we do the right things - and for that, we need the foundations.

Drink more water

We always talk about drinking more water. But why? Water not only hydrates your brain but also your organs. The liver needs water to perform the crucial job of cleansing your body of toxins - without enough water you're essentially taxing your body.

Water is also a great appetite suppressant before meals. It increases the energy expended when resting and allows you to burn more calories with less effort.

Prioritise compound movements

A compound exercise is one that involved two or more muscles. Common examples are squats, deadlifts, overhead press, or bench press. This is important for two reasons.

Firstly compound movements recruit the use of more muscle fibers during each repetition because more muscles are involved in the movement. This means you're performing a more effective movement and burning more calories in turn.

Secondly, compound movements incorporate more real-life movements. Think about the difference between a squat movement and a dumbbell bicep curl. Granted we all want juicy looking arms - but the more you practice the movement of squatting down and up with good form - the more it'll integrate in your day to day life and ensure you're moving correctly.

Pace yourself

If it's taken us 2, 3, or 5 years to get out of shape. We're not going to fix that in 3 months. Understand that living a healthier, fitter, longer life is all about pace and longevity. Ensure that you gradually increase your intensity, volume of training, and workload so that you're not burning out.

There are so many more tips and quick bits of advice here at Fitness to Diet that we'll be dropping more and more content regularly - so stay tuned to our Daily Fitness Tips page for more great content.

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