Take The Confusion Out Of Fitness With These Great Ideas

Take The Confusion Out Of Fitness With These Great Ideas


It can be overwhelming when trying to optimize your training with all sorts of information coming at you. Whilst there is a lot out there, let's keep things simple. Let's remove the confusion of training and working out with some simple ideas.

You're doing the right thing

Firstly, every training session is a positive step in the right direction. You've already made a commitment to move, to exercise, to train your muscles and your mind. Acknowledge that achievement.

Setting realistic goals

You need to start slow. It's crucial to set your own pace so that you're able to stick to it. If you've never trained before - start by going twice a week. If you're normally hitting the gym or track 3 times a week, why not try 4? This is entirely up to you - make your target realistic.

Be a shark, not a sheep

You don't have to do what everyone else is doing. If all your friends enjoy Pilates and Yoga - but you'd rather run a MOAB then do what makes you happy. Everyone is an individual and your preference as to how you work out is your own. Whether you play sports, run track, powerlifting, or just like skipping - you're more likely to stick to it if you enjoy it.

Mix it up

Your mind and body will both get tired of the same old workout routine. You need to keep both fresh to avoid boredom and plateaus. Whether it's changing the days you train, the order in which you work each muscle or perform each exercise - switch it up. Adapt to your environment and keep your workouts fresh - try our summer swimming workout and see how you get on!

Personal Trainer

After training for 5 years I thought the idea of a personal trainer was nonsense. WRONG! It's difficult to spot your mistakes and bad habits without taking a good look in the mirror - better yet, pay an expert to tell you without holding back. A personal trainer can be a great way to uncover your bad techniques, poor form, and sharpen your skillset. You'll make the money back in value over time easily.


Eating the right foods can always be difficult. After all - sugar tastes incredible right! Seriously though, there are definitely the right things and wrong things to eat. You'll need to do some reaching into what's right for you. There are tons of diets out there (and some are bad) so you'll want to be careful. Intermittent Fasting is a great way to control your appetite, your calories, and not to mention improved brain health. We have a great article here

Training isn't always easy, it's not always fun - but changing that is in your hands. Try new things, be open-minded, and get help from others to uncover how you can be your best.

Maximizing Your Fitness Results

Maximizing Your Fitness Results


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