Maximizing Your Fitness Results

Maximizing Your Fitness Results


If you're looking to maximize your fitness results from your current training regime then you'll want to understand exactly how to do this. These straightforward tips can maximize your fitness results.

Have a plan

Look, it's easy to turn up to the gym and wander around to your favorite machines or exercises and leave feeling like you've half accomplished something. If you want to 10X your results you will need to have a goal. This isn't a long term goal, you should ensure that each training session is pre-planned and you understand exactly what you aim to do and what you'll accomplish beforehand to avoid wasting time.

Save time where you can

In the modern age, time is currency. What could be an intense 1-hour gym session can easily turn into a 2-hour ordeal if you're not efficient. Warming up on your way to the gym is a great way to burn some extra calories, but more importantly, warm up your muscles so you're ready to go as soon as you get there. Walking, jogging, or cycling is a simple and effective method if the gym is within distance. The importance of warming up before training can't be overlooked especially to prevent muscle injury.

Monitor Rest Periods

You can easily be spending far too much time in between sets if it goes without being monitored. A relatively inexpensive smartwatch or even stopwatch can keep the workout intense and on time.

Effective Cardio

If you're injury-free and your body is able to perform more intense forms of cardio - switch it up from it's less intense 'steady-state' counterpart. It can burn more calories in less time as well as increasing your VO2 max.

Maximizing your results can be fun. Finding new ways to save time, effort, and increase results are worth the time experimenting.

Let us know what you've done to maximize your results in the comments below.

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