Can You Work Out Hungover?

Can You Work Out Hungover?


We've all had night where we've drunk too much. Maybe this happens more often than we'd like to count. It's understandable, as humans we need to enjoy life's hedonistic pleasures as well as maintain a body like a Greek God. Easier said than done right?

There's lots of "bro-science" out there about what to do for exercise when you're hungover. Let's clear this up with the facts and science

Firstly, why does a hangover feel so bad?

There are a lot of variables that go into making a terrible hangover. The two main causes are dehydration and blood sugar levels. Alcohol suppresses the releasing of hormones that instruct your kidneys to retain fluid. This explains why you need to pee so often. The increased loss of fluid can cause you to get a headache and feel dizzy. Additionally, this can cause your blood sugar levels to drop which is why the next morning you feel weak.

Exercise with a Hangover

Physical exercise will inevitably lead to water loss through sweat. With your body in an already compromised state with less fluids - this can make your hangover worse. Additionally, if your blood sugar is already low, expect some unwanted fatigue in your muscles.

So, what's the verdict?

Ultimately we must listen to our own bodies. If you're crippled from the night before. Rest is probably your best option. If you've rehydrated enough, have allowed that much-needed cup of coffee to sink in then maybe you're good to go.

Focus on a low to moderate level of intensity. In a compromised state it's unlikely your body will be in peak physical condition. High-Intensity Interval Training is probably best avoided on these days, and something that doesn't require much focus on coordination is recommended.

Listen to your body, if you're pushing it too hard you could end up with an injury. But all this will pay off as your Endorphins will be elevated and you'll feel better post-workout.

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