Our Mission

FitnesstoDiet.com truly live the mantra: Eat Well. Train Smart. Know More.

Our ultimate mission is to provide our readers with the guidance and knowledge to improve their lives at any age or stage in their lifelong fitness journey. We use science backed concepts and research to bring to life the latest trends and research in the world of fitness, nutrition, and health.

Lift. Laugh. Love.


A Brief History

At first we were just a bunch of flat mates starting our freelance careers in London, England. Bavinder was in medicine, Evander had just finished his first competition on stage and worked with Laura, a sous chef at the time, and Malik was a break dancer. As our gigs picked up, the studio became our second home. We all wanted to decorate our space in a way that was both comfortable and productive. Laura broke the ice by bringing the studio’s first plant.

We set up a collective mood board at lunch one rainy afternoon, which was essentially the seed of this website. We all wrote a comment next to a picture and stuck it on the board. Each of us always had very different home cooked lunches that day. Evander joked that we were so opinionated about our nutrition that we should start an online blog about it.

One night, when Laura needed a break from work, she uploaded the mood board images to her website . Lo and behold, FTD was born. Laura named the site after a silly joke about how ‘abs were made in the kitchen’, - Evander’s favorite line during his competition prep. We pooled our collective knowledge and talents about fitness, nutrition, and diet to make what we have today. After all that, we started FTD.com